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Nylon Adjustable Loop Lead

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- Unique adjustable loop leash made with the strongest and softest nylon for a smooth and soft feel to the touch.

- The favorite style lead among handlers, brings a touch of distinction to your dog at the ring

- The ends of the leash are stitched and then covered with our traditional hand braided leather.

- Either a leather hand braided stop or a tagua bead is used as a stop to set the size of the collar for a better control of your dog, tagua beads are also known as vegetable Ivory of the Amazon.

- This lead comes in a wide range of exciting colors

- Unlike other adjustable loop leashes in the market the nylon in our leashes makes them more durable and they keep the colors for a longer time wash after wash, they are also much stronger


Thicknesses available:

- 1/16 in (2 mm)

- 1/8 in (4 mm)


Lengths available: 52 in (133 cm)


* Check menu options above for colors and sizes available

Additional Information

Material Nylon
Special Deal No
Additional Information * Proof against fungi, mildew, molds and rot.

* Resistant to abrasion and UV light.

* Easy hand wash and dry fast

* Non-attackable by seawater.


Strength per thickness

- 1/16 in nylon rope has a minimum breaking strength of 150 (lbf)

- 1/8 in nylon rope has a minimum breaking strength of 880 (lbf)

Price $14.00

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